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Amos Custom Homes


Amos Custom Homes is a project that stands out in Gradient9 Studios’ portfolio. This family-owned and operated builder is renowned for crafting exquisite custom homes, and their vision for their website mirrored that commitment to excellence. They desired a digital space that showcased their meticulous attention to detail, from the subtle elegance of hidden doors to the grandeur of exposed rustic beams and their signature beautifully designed kitchens.

Our solution? A website that utilizes high-quality visuals. We compiled a collection of impressive photographs that capture the spirit of Amos Custom Homes’ work. These captivating images allow potential clients to not only envision themselves living in these dream homes, but also to appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry that goes into each project.

A key element of the website is the custom portfolio page. Here, visitors embark on a visual journey through a gallery showcasing Amos Custom Homes’ impressive portfolio. Each project is presented with stunning photography, allowing potential clients to explore the breadth and depth of the builder’s expertise.

For those seeking a more detailed look, we designed blueprint pages. These interactive features delve into the project specifics. From strategic floor plans to thoughtfully designed layouts, the blueprint pages provide a window into the extensive planning and execution that goes into every Amos Custom Home.

Understanding the importance of seamless communication, we built a user-friendly contact form. This intuitive feature allows potential clients to effortlessly submit their project information, fostering a smooth transition from browsing the website to initiating a conversation with the Amos Custom Homes team.

The Amos Custom Homes website is a captivating testament to their dedication to quality and exquisite craftsmanship. We are proud to have played a role in creating a website that reflects the exceptional standards that define Amos Custom Homes.

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Amos Custom Homes Webpage screenshot
Photo compilation of Amos Custom Homes website pages
Amos Custom Homes banner- building homes the way homes should be built
Amos Custom Homes website photo compilation
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Amos Custom Homes renovation before and after photo
Amos Custom Homes renovation before and after photo
Amos Custom Homes custom form and custom home plans pages
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