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Hi-Tech Optical


We've worked with Hi-Tech for the past 3 years, and with that time, we redesigned their 10-year-old logo to make it more modern. Once we nailed down their branding, we created business cards, envelopes, ads and other various print materials.

We also created a website to go along with their branding. Currently, we’re working on building their online shop so they can sell to customers nationwide. We love working with High-Tech because they’re straightforward and trust us. Whenever we create something for them it never takes multiple revisions to get something completed. They tell us exactly what they are looking for and always appreciate and like the work we provide.

rebranding logo
Main Logo
new logo design
color pallet style guide
Color Palette
hi-tech optical website
hi-tech optical business cards
hi-tech optical ads
hi-tech optical website
hi-tech optical

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