Platters with Purpose

Platters With Purpose


Gradient9 Studios was honored to design the website for Platters with Purpose. Platters with Purpose was a project that truly resonated with our team at Gradient9. Libby’s story and her dedication to honoring her daughter Maddy’s memory through delicious food was incredibly inspiring. We knew right away that we wanted to create a website that captured not only the mouthwatering beauty of her charcuterie boards but also the heart behind the business.

Building an e-commerce platform can sometimes feel formulaic, but with Platters with Purpose, we had the opportunity to create something unique. We focused on high-quality visuals, showcasing Libby’s artistic talent in arranging the platters.

Functionality was just as important. Libby has a specific ordering process, and we wanted to make sure the website reflected that seamlessly. We crafted a user-friendly interface that allows customers to easily navigate the menu, select their desired platter size and contents, personalize it with special requests and schedule their pickup.

The final product is a website that’s both captivating and targeted. It entices visitors with stunning visuals and a warm, inviting feel, while also providing a clear and efficient way to order these delicious creations. We’re proud to have played a role in bringing Libby’s vision to life, and we know this website will serve as a gorgeous tribute to Maddy’s memory.

Platters with Purpose Website
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Platters with Purpose Website

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