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In the whirlwind of excitement that was RAGBRAI 2019, Gradient9 Studios found itself at the heart of Indianola's preparations for this iconic cycling event. Landing this project was a testament to the power of local connections – our established relationships with the City Manager and a Council Person opened the door to a truly collaborative experience.

The sheer scale of RAGBRAI demanded a comprehensive branding approach. From the moment cyclists entered Indianola's city limits, they were greeted by a cohesive visual identity crafted by Gradient9. We were entrusted with designing everything – from the overarching theme that would define Indianola's experience to the nitty-gritty details like maps and wristbands.

This project wasn't just about creating visuals; it was about capturing the spirit of Indianola. Countless meetings brought together a diverse group of local stakeholders, each brimming with ideas. This collaborative energy fueled our creative process, resulting in a brand identity that truly reflected the essence of the community.

The collaborative spirit extended beyond the design team. Special thanks go out to Morgan and Erin, whose steady stream of banana bread and coffee kept us going through the long hours. Their unwavering support was a vital ingredient in the success of the project.

RAGBRAI 2019 was a massive undertaking, but the collaborative nature of the project made it an incredibly rewarding experience for Gradient9. Working alongside passionate community members and witnessing the collective effort pay off as cyclists rolled into a transformed Indianola was truly inspiring. It solidified our belief in the power of collaboration to create a lasting impact.

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