sluggers batting cages

Sluggers Batting Cages


Sluggers Batting Cages holds a special place in Gradient9’s history. Our collaboration began over two years ago, right at the birth of Sluggers itself. Brian, the owner, was a close friend of the family, and when the idea for Sluggers first sparked, he knew exactly who to call – Gradient9.

We were entrusted with the entire branding experience, from crafting the core identity to building the digital backbone. We poured our creativity into designing the logo, a symbol that would represent the energy and fun of Sluggers. Next came the website, a virtual space where potential sluggers could learn about the facilities, pricing, and exciting events.

Taking the experience offline, we designed eye-catching signage for both the interior and exterior of the batting cages. These signs weren’t just informational; they were vibrant and inviting, drawing people in and creating an atmosphere of excitement.

But our work with Sluggers didn’t stop there. We extended our design expertise to a wide range of marketing materials. Brochures, flyers, and even social media graphics all came from Gradient9, ensuring a consistent brand message.

The success of this project was deeply rewarding. Brian’s trust in our vision from the outset was a testament to the value he placed on our work. Seeing his immediate enthusiasm for the logo design and his continued satisfaction with the entire branding package filled us with pride. We believe we’ve given Sluggers Batting Cages an identity that not only resonates with Brian’s vision, but also effectively captures the essence of the fun and energetic experience it offers.

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Secondary Logo
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Color Palette
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